Monday, May 18, 2009

Twitter Mosaic & Friends

Just saw a post on Twitter from @bethstill sharing a picture on Twitpic of a shirt she purchased to wear at NECC in June.

I recently changed my Twitter name to @TechyNana so I decided to see how my shirt would look. I headed right out to TwitterMosaic and, fortunate enough to follow so many wonderful techies, I found the beautiful mosaic shown below. (I also purchased my own shirt and a new coffee mug - woohoo!)

Get your twitter mosaic here.


ששtєςђlєค๔єг☮ said...

I love this mosaic. It almost makes me want to join....

Mrs. Warren said...

I think you SHOULD join! Twitter is a major part of my PLN. As a source of info regarding EdTech across the world I think it is unbeatable.