Thursday, November 8, 2007

Capturing Images and Videos

Capturing a screen image is easy, right? Just Alt + PrtScrn on the PC and Apple + Shift + 4 on the MAC.

What if you could capture screen images, draw on them, and save them? What if you could run a PowerPoint project and turn it into a flash video? You can store them on the Internet or download it to your computer - or BOTH!

The JingProject does everything I mention and it is a FREE download (while it is still a project). JingProject is easy to use and always runs on your machine (PC or MAC) unless you turn it off so it is always ready when you are.

Biggest negative I can see at the moment is that you navigate away from your blog page to view it ... small payment for the ability to say your work so nicely!

Try it at

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Submitting a Service Request Online

This is a two-part post. The movie I made gives directions on how to submit a service request online to ETIS, the technology department in our district. Service requests are made for hardware, software, reports, and training requests and suggestions. I created the original QT video using SnapzPro about four years ago.

Toufee (, mentioned in my very first post below, recently released version 2.0 which has loads of new features. One great feature allows users to upload their own videos, toufee converts them to flash, and create a new flash movie which can be embedded in your blog or stored on your server - all for free! San and Ganesh are truly wonderful in their creation of and support of Toufee. Although in its infancy, they are even thinking of creating education features for their software. Check their blog at

So, here is "How to Submit a Service Request Online" as a flash - no need to have QT to play it!

Flash movies are fun to make at

Monday, August 6, 2007

Google Certified Teacher training in May provided me with a plethora of available software and programs from Google. One of the easiest to use and perhaps the most helpful is Google and your cell phone. A quick text to Google (466453) and you will get an answer in seconds.

Try this ~ Text GOOGLE (466453) with the message "movies 91206" (or your zip code) and click send. In 15 seconds or less a text message will return with a lit of movies in the zip code area.

Tired of calling 411 from your cell phone @$1.99 each? Text message GOOGLE (466453) for a phone number and address: Frank's Famous 91208) this yummy sandwich/salad/ everything edible shop was on my phone in 5 seconds.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Let Students Blog?

This movie says it all and I'm so glad Rachel Boyd created it! Posted on TeacherTube she includes links to her school website at the end of her movie. If the print is too small, try

NOTE: There is some odd, unknown reason that the video is not playing in the space below. Please click the title Why Let Students Blog to see it. Don't know why it's not running on this page but ... it's technology!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grunion Run, June 2, 2007

Learning and fun is a great combination. I know that I learn better when I connect the learning to a memorable experience, even more if it's full of fun. The CA DEN (Discovery Educator Network) hosted a grunion run for its members and their families and students on June 2, 2007. The evening began with a bonfire BBQ. Hamburgers and hot dogs were cooked by our special BBQ chefs, Laurian and Ward (love those DEN spouses!).

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium open their doors in the evening for a special grunion event. DEN members roamed the aquarium and discovered the different inhabitants of our local coastline. DEN received a private screening of the aquarium's grunion presentation. Scientists do not know where the grunion come from nor where they go. They do know that grunion spawn only during the two weeks between the full moon and the new moon.

The CA DEN added the "Grunion Dance" to their dance cards and enjoyed an informative question and answer session. Young Jake understood that the female and male came onshore and left their eggs in the sand. His question, "Do the baby grunion miss their moms and dads?" brought "ahhhhs" and "ohhhhs" from everyone.

Following the screening we met the scientists and young docents on the patio where they gave us a small baby food jar adding a small amount of water and grunion eggs - so tiny we could barely see them. Swirling the water gently, the small grunion began hatching so quickly just like popping popcorn. It was so exciting to see!

Heading back to the beach about 9:30 for s'mores we shared our new knowledge. Soon it was time to head to the shore. The waves brought brought small groups of grunion "scouts" to see if it was safe to come to the sand and spawn. We were as quiet as could be with our lights out. Scientists from the aquarium went out to the water with a special screen to collect water samples and material from the ocean to test later. We waited and whispered for about 45 minutes catching glimpses of grunion as they sparkled in the moonlight both onshore and in the oncoming waves.

Suddenly, someone ran to the ocean and the race was on ... we saw a few grunion swim in on the wave, but the charge was too early. The "scouts" were still checking the shoreline and no more grunion came out that night. A few were able to catch the slippery fish so everyone had a chance to touch a full grown grunion, if they could hold on. The night came to an end with sandy feet, full stomachs, and a wonderful school of information about grunion and their remarkable appearance and spawning.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tech Forum '07

Hey, techies!

Friday, May 18th I attended the Tech Forum '07 produced by Technology & Learning with Shelley from Valley View. We saw some great presentations as between us we covered quite a few seminars and round tables. We have much to share with you. You can take a look at the presentations and other resources at

Shelley and I were also big winners that day. Shelley won an additional year of membership to CUE ( as well as free registration for CUE 2008 in Palm Springs. I won a 32unit remote answering system, pic to the left, from Quizdom ( as well as a t-shirt and travel mug from Atomic Learning ( Glendale made a great impression at the conference!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Nana" ~ the first flash movie made by me!

The magazine Technology and Learning always has great resources and a tech friend discovered a "create your own flash movie" site at There are interactive flash tutorials and instructive flash tutorials to help you learn how to make your movie. The support is wonderful and so is San, one of the creators of

I hope you enjoy my first creation ...

Get your own flash movies at