Thursday, October 4, 2007

Submitting a Service Request Online

This is a two-part post. The movie I made gives directions on how to submit a service request online to ETIS, the technology department in our district. Service requests are made for hardware, software, reports, and training requests and suggestions. I created the original QT video using SnapzPro about four years ago.

Toufee (, mentioned in my very first post below, recently released version 2.0 which has loads of new features. One great feature allows users to upload their own videos, toufee converts them to flash, and create a new flash movie which can be embedded in your blog or stored on your server - all for free! San and Ganesh are truly wonderful in their creation of and support of Toufee. Although in its infancy, they are even thinking of creating education features for their software. Check their blog at

So, here is "How to Submit a Service Request Online" as a flash - no need to have QT to play it!

Flash movies are fun to make at