Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Future Left Behind

I found this wonderful movie on the ISTE Storytelling site. Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom collaborated from their two campuses asking students to talk about education and their future.

Listen and learn the bits of wisdom that can be gleaned from the students, if we only dare to ask them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I Love This Quote!

Another 'tweet' I received today was a 'twitpic' from @jenwagner. She posted a thought from @jorech that I really like. I may print it and post it or give copies to the techs in my office. I am blessed that the techs who support my work truly appreciate what we do in education.

Enjoy this ... I do.

Tech Ed People

Thirty Ways to Use Wordle

Okay, I was trying to find the new Bloom's Taxonomic Hierarchy Pyramid shown on the VisualBlooms wiki but I got side-tracked - go figure, me?

I love using Wordle and couldn't resist a look at Mike Fisher's post on Thirty Ways to Use Wordle. He collaborated with Tom Barrett, an educator in Nottingham England (I follow both of them on Twitter) and allow the SlideShare to be embedded so here it is. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and find time to incorporate one or more of the ideas. Thirty has grown to 34 and if my suggestion to add to the preso is included they will be up to 35 ways!
My suggestion? Use Wordle to show This Week's Spelling Words!

Twitter Mosaic & Friends

Just saw a post on Twitter from @bethstill sharing a picture on Twitpic of a shirt she purchased to wear at NECC in June.

I recently changed my Twitter name to @TechyNana so I decided to see how my shirt would look. I headed right out to TwitterMosaic and, fortunate enough to follow so many wonderful techies, I found the beautiful mosaic shown below. (I also purchased my own shirt and a new coffee mug - woohoo!)

Get your twitter mosaic here.