Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer 2009

What a summer of experiences and discovery and learning and fun!

I have been remiss in updating my blog but this was a summer to enjoy and I did. Summer began with a trip to Silver Spring where I had the privilege of attending the Discovery Education Network (DEN) Leadership Council (LC) Symposium. Focusing on each state's different LC chairs (Chair, Events, and Blog) we shared, planned, and forecast the upcoming year.

Saturday's "Day at Discovery School" pre-NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) event provided a whole new set of DEN members and networking. A school bell began our day and it was more fun than I can remember having in 'real' school.

Sunday was the 3rd Annual "Constructivist Celebration at NECC". Wow, what an incredible day. While I follow Gary Stager on Twitter I had never met him and he was a great speaker. Peter Reynolds (my educational hero) gave the keynote; Melinda Kolk from Tech4Learning spoke; and attendees were gifted with some fabulous software.

NECC followed in Washington, DC and it was as inspiring as always. I attended a number of seminars, networked in the Cyber Cafe, and collected ribbons for my name tage. I met Lee and Sasha from Commoncraft; Jim from Glogster;

I took the metro into DC each day and delighted in the freedom of getting to and fro in such an easy way. I only wish my own home town had such a great system for travel.

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