Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30-day Photo Challenge

My DEN friends, @nsharoff and @McTeach, tweeted it, Melanie Holtsman blogged it, and I visited the White Peach Photo site where it all started.

Much as I want to participate in a 365 photo a day challenge, I take it too seriously and am too stressed out. I get one or two photos behind, it soon becomes a week, and 'whomp' I drop out. I thought, instead, that I would try a different photo challenge, since it's summer, and maybe I can "git 'er done" as Larry the Cable Guy would say.

'Course, I'm already behind ... it started yesterday with a Self-Portrait. Mine will be there today and I'll be all caught up and no stress!

Join me, if you will, and take some mighty photos. Click the link to join the group.

... now to find my camera to take today's shot.