Monday, August 4, 2008

Map of the World 2.0

Yes, it's been awhile since I've made time to post. I have enjoyed some wonderful professional development this summer - Leadership Training at The Discovery Channel; A Leadership Collaborative for Teacher the Teachers; and this week I'm in a Trainer of Trainers class for Digital Storytelling (from the Center for Digital Storytelling). What wonderful keynotes, classes, teachers, and trainers I have experienced this summer. One colleague referred to me as a "techy junkie" this summer. Hey, life-time learning is in my blood!

I thought I'd offer a quick post about an amazing site. Take a look at this incredible map comprised of links to 1001 Web 2.0 applications. I'm thinking whoever created this interactive map had a whole-lotta-time on his/her hands!

While I recognize a great many of these logos, there are so many more that I have never seen. Clicking any logo takes you to the application's page where you can investigate and explore at your leisure. Who knows what you might discover?! Enjoy!

Map of the World 2.0

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